Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I was looking at my RUSTY RADIO stuff on IMEEM and realizing that now that there were 50 (FIFTY!) mixes up there, it was time for an upgrade. I hadn't been able to spend any time on it in a while and I wanted to do so. I've put a lotta work into my DJing of late and I'd like to make it easier for you (and myself) to listen to what I wanna listen to.

I've developed a number of new playlists and made sure to make it so that each 'sub-station' of the station is available for you, my peeps, to launch alone and just rock to or embed on your social-networking page of choice. Yes, I mix, I upload, I post, you rock...and it don't cost a thang. It's truly for the love of the Music and for the love of what I do. I'm on the wheels pretty consistently, so I might as well share what I am bumpin', right? You'll have a lotta opportunities coming up very soon to see and hear me DJ. I have a great time making these mixes, so really everybody wins...

Now, before, everything was on RUSTY RADIO, which was a catchall for all my mixes. As time has gone on, I realized that everybody might not wanna go from a straight-ahead rock mix into a hip-hop mix or whatever. I had to approach it like real radio or my real iTunes. Things are catergorized very well, so I can find what I am looking for in an easy fashion. So, to that end, I decided to develop a group of 'sub-stations' outta RUSTY RADIO, so that mixes would be grouped by genre, theme, vibe, whatever it is that made it part of a group...

For example...I have place all the 'History 101' Mixes in one if you felt like getting your classic hip-hop on, you could do so...

Now, say you felt like getting your Rock N' Roll ya-ya's out. We can do that, too...This is my 'Rocks Off' Playlist...

Or, what if you felt like you wanted the funk, the whole funk, the grit, the soul? Man, you KNOW I have that covered.

For all you clubheads out there, your buddy Russ can do the 4 On The Floor thang as well. Let's get that heart pumpin'.

There's a few examples of some of the ways I have tried to make RUSTY RADIO a viable option for you to rock during your day online. I hope you take the time out to check out my profile on IMEEM, as well as the MUDKIDS page on IMEEM which was recently added. You will get updates and new Music frequently on both of these pages, so take the time out to explore and enjoy them. It's one way that I can share my influences, views, and loves of all kinds of Music with you. I'm only so happy to do it.

Here is the link to my IMEEM page.


...and here are the mighty MUDKIDS!


Hope you enjoy the new playlists. Drop me a line and lemme know if I got ya jammin'...don't forget downloadable versions of many of the mixes are available on my blog. Here's the link,


Y'all be good and stand up for whatever you believe in. We'll see you the day before Thanksgiving at SPIN NIGHTCLUB

Respect and Grace,


Monday, November 10, 2008

MUDKIDS - 'Shades (I'm Fly)' Beta Base Video

Russ: "Alright, so you wanna get down for a bit?"

Tyler: "Yeah, sounds good."

Russ: "Grab your sunglasses outta the car."

Tyler: "huh?"

Russ: "Think I'm gonna shoot a video for 'Shades' while you're over here

Tyler: "Ah, man...I just shaved. I'd like to have a little scruff."

Russ: "I got you, man. C'mon, let's do this..."

Tyler: "Alright, then."

We did about five or six takes and here it is...the BETA BASE video for 'Shades (I'm Fly)'. I've been wanting to get ol' Elp-Mass some more facetime. I'm glad he got ready for his close-up.

Here's the new joint, y'all...


Sage with Obama Shirt

Russ onstage (Black Sheep show)

BEEN 'bout it! Dance, y'all! 71 days...they should have me spin the inauguration!

"THINK! It ain't illegal yet!" - George Clinton (no relation to Bill)


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Probama, Part 2 (VICTORY!)' < click there and remember this is one nation under a groove!


'One Nation Under A Groove' - Funkadelic
'Can You Feel It?' - The Jacksons
'The Future' - Prince
'Dance To The Music (Interlude)' - Sly & The Family Stone
'It's Just Begun' - The Jimmy Castor Bunch
'Feels Good' - Tony Toni Tone'
'Don't Stop The Dance' - Bohannon
'Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On' - Funkadelic
'Give It Up Or Turn It Loose' - James Brown
'Soul Makossa' - Manu Dibango
'Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours' - Stevie Wonder


Thursday, November 6, 2008




DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Change, Motivation Part 5' < click there and get behind YOUR next president!

'Do The Push And Pull' - Rufus Thomas
'Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker) - Parliament
'Pick Up The Pieces' - Average White Band
'Holy Ghost' - The Bar-Kays
'Let's Get Small' - Trouble Funk
'Trouble Funk Express' - Trouble Funk
'Pump Me Up' - Trouble Funk
'Dance Across The Floor' - Jimmy 'Bo' Horne
'Dance With Me' - Peter Brown


OBAMA at Podium

Ah, yes, yes, y'all! Yes, yes, y'all!

Man, I just wanna dance for y'all...! WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Hope (Motivation, Part 3)' < click there and don't you dare lose any enthusiasm...


'When The World Is Running Down...' - The Police
'Goodnight Tonight' - Paul McCartney
'Disco Nights' - GQ
'As If You Read My Mind' - Stevie Wonder
'Get On The Floor' - Michael Jackson
'Super Bad' - James Brown
'Cool' - the Time
'Partyup' - Prince
'You Got Me Floating' - Jimi Hendrix
'Fortunate Son' - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Rusty Redenbacher, Consumer Watchdog; AT&T SUCKS...THE VIDEO.

MAN.....I told y'all. This is ridiculous.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rusty Redenbacher, Consumer Watchdog; AT&T SUCKS

AT&amp;T SUCKS (11/05/08)

You see that? That is my phone, close to THREE HOURS into being 'on hold' with 'Customer Service' with AT&T. THREE HOURS.

I wish I could fully explain the runaround I have had dealing with this company. After all these years as a loyal customer, I am totally feeling the shaft. And they are far from the only game in town, so they have soooooo lost my business.

My account was turned off for late payment (My fault)...less than 24 hours after that, the account was paid-in-full, zeroed out, at which point I was told by 'Customer Service' that my service would be restored. Three days later, with still no service, I called in again and was told I would hafta set up a totally new account. I explained how ridiculous I thought that was, especially after zeroing out my account. Nonetheless, I decided to re-up with them for the two months remaining on my lease...I already had the modem and before the 16th of October, I had no problem with AT&T.

Three or four days after that, I was STILL without service and had no luck getting through to 'customer help'. I was greeted with their automated system, which hung up on me twice, and after the first attempt to talk with an actual human being stalled out at 30 minutes or so, I decided that i would be patient.

Here we are, two weeks after the shut-off of my service, five days after my "service was activated" and I'm here at the Newsstand, maxing out on the Wi-Fi while I can. I have attempted to "chat online with a technician" unsuccessfully, I have checked my mail and gone to the office where I live to make sure I have not missed any packages. I have been a gentleman about this whole situation, having been misinformed by 'customer service' three times, finally giving in to what amounted to AT&T's demands for me to establish new service, and being without a service that in my profession, is absolutely necessary. I have had NO HELP from AT&T, whatsoever.

I've shot an accompanying video detailing my plight and will be editing and uploading it asap. Basically, it comes down to this; this experience with AT&T over the last two weeks has been the absolute WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE experience I have EVER HAD in my life. I have YET to talk with a real person since I established my account (which is NOT WORKING) six days ago. Absolutely tragic, shameful, and damnable.

AT&T, consider me gone. You would think with all the money you sink into advertising, you'd have enough people around to actually answer the phones. Apparently, that is not a priority within your company. I am so bundling my internet with my cable at the first opportunity. I'll send your modem or take it to wherever it needs to be. I will also post this blog and the accompanying video everywhere I can think of, including my friends, family, fanbase. On a day when I would rather do nothing than use the internet to contact my friends, family, and fanbase to talk about the wonderfully shifting political landscape of our great country, I am sitting here beefing with a major, major, major corporation that obviously has turned a deaf ear to my concerns. Anyone who asks me will be told of the drama and the absolute lack of concern shown by this company towards one of their 'valued customers'.

Y'all have gotta do better. You just lost one.

President-Elect Barack Obama!

Chris and Russ (11/5/08)

Dedicated to the memories of my grandparents and my parents. I wish y'all were here. Y'all woulda really loved this...

This is for my Uncles Bill, Lanky, Gerard, and Buddy. And OF COURSE, my AUNTIE FANNIE!

Hullo, America...congratulations.

I got up Monday and tried to vote early (at the last minute). Couldn't get it done, so I waited, just like a lotta other folks. I had never had any real problems at the polls before, so I wasn't worried about getting my vote in; I just really wanted to make SURE that I counted. This election was way too important to leave anything to chance. I bit my lip and waited 24 more hours for my chance to help make history.

Tuesday; I jumped outta bed, not because the bulldozers were in full effect or my alarm went off, but because I was so excited to get to the polls. I wanted to get it done before I had to go to the TV studio to tape the 'Rock Block'. Voting was all that was really on my mind. I refused to let this get away from me. There was nothing more important to do. Nothing.

I called my Uncle Tim, the Uncle who first made me aware of Barack Obama. Tim has been a tireless supporter of the campaign and what Obama represents. I knew he would know exactly where I was to go to vote. He was working at one of the polls, just as he does every election season, but he took a second to tell his nephew where he needed to be. I could hear promise in his voice. "Big day, Unc.", I said. "The biggest, Russ. He's gonna do it." Tim has been saying, "He's gonna do it." since Obama announced his candidacy. Uncle Tim told me that I needed to go to a church on my side of town and if I had any problems to give him a call.

I taped my shows and shot out the door. I was headed straight to the polls from work. I stopped by Northside News for one more shot of coffee, though; I wanted to make sure I was fully caffeinated and awake to cast my ballot.

When I arrived at the polls, I was greeted by a number of teens handing out handbills and flyers asking for my support on various referendums and candidates. I thanked them, took their papers and made my way to the door. I stopped to talk to a cat about the sample ballot he was holding. He showed me how to fill it out properly. It really wasn't any different than taking a standardized test in grade-school, except this time I had to use a pen instead No. 2 Pencil. The volunteer told me I made "amazing Music" and to keep it up. I thanked him and made my way inside.

I told the volunteers my name. I asked if I could use their pen and they obliged. I read over the ballot very, very, very, carefully. I didn't want to mess anything up here. This was the day. This was the choice. This was the time. I filled in the blanks cautiously. I knew dang well who I was voting for a long time ago, I just wanted the rest of the world and the people counting to be certain. I colored in the circles like a child, careful to not go outside the lines.

I waited. I watched. I wept.

I was DJing a Democratic Party function. Well, not so much DJing, as watching results come in from throughout the country. My man took a commanding lead early and never let up. As the numbers came in and I started to realize that something many people (including myself) never though possible was actually happening. The night wore on and it was evident that Barack Obama was gonna be our 44th President of The United States Of America, a feeling swelled in my chest. When it got to 205 electoral votes and the party I was at started to shut down, I broke down my gear and made my way to my home. I knew that there was a speech that I must hear coming. A victory speech.

I got home around 10:40, Indianapolis time. I turned on the news channels and flipped between them. I watched CNN for the info, MSNBC for the personalities, and Fox News for the playa-hating, (which from now on will be referred to as 'President hating'.) I waited for the results from California to come in and put my man over the top. At 11 o'clock, it happened. It truly happened. I sent out texts and called so many friends and family members. There was no way to contain my excitement and I felt no need to.

I waited for my girlfriend to get to my home and we watched our next First Family take the stage in Chicago's Grant Park. Tears ran down my face as I realized that I was watching something that many people thought would never happen was happening. The victory was decisive and there was nothing anyone could do to take it away. The people had spoken, loudly and clearly. We want a new America and we want it asap. Hundreds of thousands of people waited for hours and gathered in Chicago to hear our next President speak. I had half a mind to drive up there myself, but obviously I woulda missed the good stuff. I was quite happy to catch this at home and even happier to watch this with my companion.

The last 24 hours have been the most important, earth-shaking hours of my young, American life. I am so proud to be an American right now. Anything really is possible here, the people really do have a voice, and nobody can take that away. The events of last night are something I will cherish for the rest of my life. There has never been a day like yesterday and there will never be another one. I am beyond proud of the campaign that President-Elect Obama ran, the class displayed, the promise shown. This is the greatest country in the world and Barack Obama and his election to the highest-office in the land is proof of that. We are capable of change, we are capable of great things. We can make a better world. Anything can happen in America...

This isn't a movie, kids. America has spoken. It's real.

'President Barack Obama'

Damn, that feels good.

God bless America.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cowboy Bob's Corral!

Good Morning, Friends! I am starting my Sunday right; got my grey Peyton jersey on, wearing my 'Victory Helmet', and having coffee with friends at Northside News. Found this cliip today while talking about great old local TV shows. 'Cowboy Bob's Corral' was on right before I had to start heading out for school. If I was lucky, I MIGHT get to watch the first cartoon or two on 'Janie' before I had to hustle outside.

Here's one of my all-time favorite TV themes. Peace to Tumbleweed, Windjammer, and Sourdough, The Singing Biscuit.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

s.a.i.n.t. RECON featuring Rusty Redenbacher - 'Libra' (live at Sam's Saloon - 10/31/08)

I am bursting with pride after Jesse's performance last night. Really glad I could be a part of it!

Watch this joint!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Tom Coryell Rocks With Dwarves

Don't stop...


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Rocks Off, Spectrum 3' [zshare] < click there and rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwk.


'Lonely Is The Night' - Billy Squier
'Crawl' - Kings Of Leon
'Scentless Apprentice' - Nirvana
'Wolf Like Me' - TV On The Radio
'Pinhead' - The Ramones
'Fresh Tendrils' - Soundgarden
'Custard Pie' - Led Zeppelin
'The Denial Twist' - The White Stripes
'Funk #49' - James Gang
'Make It With Chu' - Queens Of The Stone Age


CD Collection...(6/1/08)

I wanna rock. Not in a 'Twisted Sister' kinda way, but I want something L O U D. I NEED NOISE.

I wish my man, Chris Cornell, didn't ever leave Soundgarden. I really miss that band. They were so bad-ass, yo. I remember meeting them before I really knew who they were. They were in town to open for Skid Row or someone when 'Louder Than Love' had come out. The girlfriend I had at the time was into them, as was my friend, Mookie (he eventually sold me on them by saying they kinda sounded like Led Zeppelin. He knew that was an easy way to get me to listen. I'm glad I did.)

I never saw them play, perhaps I will get the chance one day.

Let's get these rocks off, man...I went off on some ol' 'Alley Cat' shit for this one.


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Rocks Off, Spectrum 2' [zshare] < click there and don't get dizzy when you bang your head.


'TV Eye' - The Stooges
'Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap' - AC/DC
'Shake Appeal' - The Stooges
'Ace Of Spades' - Motorhead
'Stacked Actors' - Foo Fighters
'Looks That Kill' - Motley Crue
'Little T & A' - Rolling Stones
'Superunknown' - Soundgarden
'Crazy On You' - Heart
'Wang Dang Doodle' - PJ Harvey
'Celebration Day' - Led Zeppelin
'Outro' - RR

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

'Icarus, Part 2' Lyrics

Back ON The Stick (10/29/08)

When I get too close, I burn myself
It reminds me not to fly too high
When I feel that itch, I touch my scars
Remembering the 'who's', 'when's' and 'why's'
I beat the dust off my wings; I flap myself silly
Unwrap myself, really; till you're high enough to feel me
Over the mountains and the plains, the seas and the surf
Now, you can fly on your own or you can crash back to Earth
I learned from the mistakes and the lessons of my Father
He flew high, close to the Sun, but not to the author
Me? I feel the heat and retreat.
I ain't scared of nothing, but I know when I'm beat
I'll always heed the teachings of dear ol' Dad
Never trying out my wings when I'm drunk or I'm mad
I catch updrafts; a nod, a laugh
A smile; a trained response on my behalf
I'm tryin'; flying between divine and dying
Over the jagged rocks and the canyon dividing
I'm flyin'; It gets me that much further away
Or closer. I'm finding where to land and stay
I'm flyin'; with no real destination
Just a thrill in knowing you would kill for this sensation
I'm tryin'; navigating currents, curve, and turns
Over the graveyards, acknowledging what I have learned.

(Verse 2)

It was the freedom wings provided that made me haft try it
It was the yearning that made me do that fly shit
I didn't need 'em; but I am pleased with the reminders
And the burning isn't coming as long as I glide it
That ain't me, I'm going higher, further, faster
Serving up a passion, flirting with disaster
Contact my girl, my aunt, uncle and pastor
Is this what I would've wanted; ask her.
In the case that I may disappear into the ether
Make sure you tell everyone I said to stay a believer
I'll see ya when I see ya...
I'm eight miles high, tracking the birds, and I'll leave ya
A nice tailwind and a sonic boom
A perfect launching pad in this empty room
A strange time for takeoff, but it's flight or doom
When I depart, it won't be a moment too soon
Higher and higher, hoping to wake the slumbering Moon
The Dawn aspires to fire me into the lap of Neptune
Faster; wings keeping beat, heart in time and tune
You could never understand cuz you've never seen the view
Watch me; soon enough, I'm a ghost on the horizon
Into the great unknown where nothing's surprising
And nothing's shocking; believe it, I'm not dropping
I'm flying; over your home and back without stopping.

Monday, October 27, 2008


CW and Rusty (10/27/08)

Sittin' here with my people, having a wonderful 'Dude' sammich at the Newsstand. This is good food and great company...

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I gotta get one of these internet machines!" - CW PRUITT

Yeah, man, you do! We gotta get the Poet Laureate of Broad Ripple ONLINE! Pick up a Broad Ripple Gazette and read CW's column. Always interesting, always intriguing. The Drive To Get CW Online begins here!

This is a fun mix...I am feeling so 'pop'! All these Songs have great melodies; feel free to sing along!


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER: 'Always Hot Magic ('Pop' Is Not A Bad Word)' [zshare] < click there and get ready to hum, at the very least.


'Wicked Wisdom' - Of Montreal
'Follow My Ruin' - Royksopp
'Too Late For Goodbyes' - Julian Lennon
'Baby Hold On' - Eddie Money
'Special' - Mew
'Trouble' - Lindsey Buckingham
'You Make Loving Fun' - Fleetwood Mac
'Let's Call It Off' - Peter, Bjorn, and John
'Shakespeare's Sister' - The Smiths
'William, It Was Really Nothing' - The Smiths
'Girls On Film' - Duran Duran
'Real Naked Girls' - Margot And The Nuclear So And So's

Thursday, October 23, 2008



Let's do this, man...we'll start slow and work up to speed.


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Rocks Off, Spectrum 1' [zshare] < click there and get yours, yo...


'New Mama' - Neil Young
'High Speed' - Coldplay
'God Only Knows' - The Beach Boys
'The Chain' - Fleetwood Mac
'Skeleton Key' - Margot And The Nuclear So-and-So's
'A Punch-Up At A Wedding' - Radiohead
'Let My Love Open The Door' - Pete Townshend
'Steppin' Out' - Joe Jackson
'How Many More Times' - Led Zeppelin
'Birth Ritual' - Soundgarden
'Supernaut' - Black Sabbath
'Gypsy Eyes' - Jimi Hendrix

Listen to all of it. Look at all of it.


Sage and Russ (Couch 1)

Play this one for someone you dig a lot...

DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Wisdom, Pt. 1' [zshare] < click there and get all mushy and sh**


'All I Need' - Radiohead
'I Belong To You' - Lenny Kravitz
'Sweet Black Angel' - Rolling Stones
'Lover, You Should've Come Over' - Jeff Buckley
'Borrowed Tune' - Neil Young
'Wonderful' - Brian Wilson
'Province' - TV On The Radio
'Lovesong' - The Cure
'The Secret Marriage' - Sting

MATISYAHU (Live In Indianapolis - 10/22/08)

He turned it out and that backdrop is silly fresh...



Well, Hi there...didja miss me as much as I missed you?

Been a minute; we've been getting a lotta stuff together, MUDKID-wise, getting ready for a few shows and recording new material.

But, I am still in the mix...just been a while since I felt like uploading this stuff and I have been hella busy..

Aight, I got you; "Get to the Music, Russ. Make my iPod happy."


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'A Decent Weekend, To Be Sure' [zshare] < click there and have a great week.

'Coldest Winter' - Kanye West
'Memories Fade' - Tears For Fears
'Dirtywhirl' - TV On The Radio
'Love Dog' - TV On The Radio
'Caterpillar Girl' - The Cure
'The Road Leads Where It's Led' - The Secret Machines
'Can't Believe A Single Word' - VHS Or Beta
'Groove Is In The Heart' - Deee-Lite
'A Girl Like You' - The Smithereens

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



I told y'all about my dude, KINETIK, a while back. He recorded a remix of one of our Songs, 'I Believe', a while back and I was so happy with what he did with our Song, I decided that he and I should do a project together.

This is the first thing we recorded together; just spitting bars over the 'Simon Says' beat. We figured this is a good place to start...

You'll hear a bit of his version of 'I Believe', as well as 'Simon Says' in this clip. Enjoy.

10/22 - MATISYAHU/FLOBOTS/MUDKIDS - Murat Egyptian Room

10/25 - BROAD RIPPLE MUSIC FEST - Spin Nightclub (MK at 1 a.m.)

10/31 - 'FREAKS, GHOULS, AND WEIRDOS' - Sam's Saloon

11/4 - CWUW LIFEJAM - Tip Top Tavern

Come see me. I'll give you a hug.

Respect and Grace,


Thursday, October 2, 2008



I will talk about this one a bit.

I put together a bed of blended instrumentals; mostly loops. Then I overdubbed scratch tracks, so as to give the mix a bit of a narrative. I felt the need to work on my scratching a bit and it's a great way to work out whatever is on my mind and in my hands.

I put everything into the Music. I guess that is what this mix is about. Even when you don't see me posting mixes or talking about Songs, believe that I am working on the Music. Every day, I do something to better myself as a Artist. Every day, I am reading, writing, creating, or listening to something or someone that will make me better at what I do.

There's no playlist...the entire mix consists of breakbeats, loops, scratching, and blending; the essentials. It's my first attempt at something like this. I hope you enjoy it. I know I feel better. Some of it may be a bit profane, so I suppose I should tell you that if you are at work or there are children around, you might wanna use your headphones.

This is some other shit...


DJ RUSTY REDENBACHER - 'Death Mix Live, 1.0' [zshare] < click there and wrap your head around that.